Make a Payment

Make a Payment

You may pay for any of our programs with a credit card.  On the day of an Adult or Juvenile Remedial course however, we will accept only cash or money order.


Please note that by choosing to use this service, a 3% convenience fee will be added to the total of your transaction.

Refund Policy

No refunds will be issued should the school be ready, willing and able to fulfill its part of the agreement. The Driving School shall furnish a certificate of completion to all students under the age of eighteen years, who successfully complete the course. Completion, as defined by the State of Ohio, refers to the completion of the required number of hours, the student’s good faith effort having been exercised during the practical driving portion, and the attainment of a score equal to or greater than 75% on the performance measurement. Should the student fail to achieve the minimum passing score on the final exam additional classroom attendance may be required.

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